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25th Anniversary

CHROMTECH Analytical Instruments

1993 - 2018


Evo3 MS-MS-Upgrade for Agilent MSD GC/MS



Converts Agilent MSD 5973/75/77 to GC/MS-MS-Systems...

 MS-MS analysis has grown to a strong trend even more and more. Complex martices, such as in pesticide drug or dioxin analysis, provide the analyst with with major problems measuring in scan and SIM mode, when using conventional GC/MS systems.
CHROMTECH´s Evo3-MS-MS upgrade turns existing Agilent GC/MS systems Series 5973/75 and 77, regardless to the pump configuration,  into full-fledged and highly sensitive Triple Quad MS-MS systems. The upgraded system is now  fully controlled by the Agilent MassHunter Software.

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